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Overview of

 A service called makes it simple for users to save and share their preferred Instagram pictures, videos, and stories. Users may easily download, save, and share Instagram material with friends and family using Pixwox’s free platform. Users may now view and store Instagram stories straight from their accounts on the website.

It’s straightforward to use Pixwox; you only have to create an account on and log in using your Instagram login information. On the website’s main page, after logging in, you may see every one of your stored images, movies, and stories. By selecting the “Download” option next to the article, you may quickly download any material you wish to save or share with others from that point. Additionally, suppose you’re searching for something more particular. In that case, you can browse through categories like “Stories” or “Videos” or use the search box at the top of the page to discover specific entries.

In addition to being able to save material from your own Instagram account to Pixwox, you may search for someone else’s profile to see their stuff. This eliminates the requirement for screenshots so that you may still view things that someone has submitted but has not published on your profile using Pixwox. Additionally, you may save public posts from other people’s accounts without their knowledge since everything is shared once explicitly shared!

Overall, Pixwox offers a simple platform for downloading and archiving Instagram photographs and videos without a bother or monthly charge. Anyone (even those without much digital knowledge) can explore it quickly because of its straightforward layout, and it is constructive when looking for creative imagery or ideas since you can view public postings from any profile!

Benefits of Pixwox

 Users who wish to save and share their favorite Instagram pictures, videos, and stories should utilize Pixwox. Pixwox’s user-friendly design makes it simple to locate the material you’re searching for in just a few clicks. Additionally, the platform makes it simple and fast for users to upload numerous photos, videos, and audio snippets. It is an excellent option for producing professional-looking photo stories and videos to share on social media.


As long as the profile owner gives permission, Pixwox allows access to public postings from other people’s accounts without informing them. Users now have access to stuff that would not otherwise be accessible online. Last, using this platform makes searching for someone’s Instagram story much more effortless. Please enter the username of any person whose story you want to see; all their tales will be displayed immediately!

In conclusion, Pixwox provides various features made with practicality in mind. It has an easy setup procedure, so even novices can get going immediately, plus there is no monthly price! As a result, Pixwox is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for an easy method to keep your favorite Instagram photographs and videos while still having access to information from other sources.

Reasons to consider alternatives to Pixwox

 There are several alternatives that users may choose from when downloading and saving Instagram images, videos, and stories. These alternatives offer consumers better functionality, more user-friendly interfaces, and/or higher levels of security. Here are a few reasons why consumers may wish to look at Pixwox alternatives:

Pixwox provides a basic framework for viewing and storing Instagram material. However, it is deficient in several functionalities seen on other websites of a similar kind. For instance, many of these alternative websites use sophisticated search features like face recognition technology or keyword tagging that let users discover the information they need right away without having to manually go through many articles. Additionally, they often provide connectivity with other systems, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, to make it simple for customers to transfer their work across various devices.

2. User Experience – Some individuals find navigating difficult due to Pixwox’s interface’s need for more user-friendly design and usability features. Alternative websites often provide more streamlined user interfaces, clear instructions on utilizing the website’s many parts, and simple menus to traverse. Due to the need for steep learning curve associated with using more advanced software, even new users may now view and save Instagram material fast.

3. Security – Numerous substitute websites also provide improved security features like two-factor authentication or end-to-end encryption to help shield user data from bad actors or hackers who might be trying to steal sensitive data from accounts stored on Pixwox or other similar websites. Furthermore, some websites use HTTPS, a secure file-sharing protocol, to ensure that data is safe and sent between computers while downloading files online.


Overall, before choosing Pixwox alone, you should check into some of the competitors currently on the market if you’re searching for a complete platform for viewing and saving your favorite Instagram photographs, videos, and stories. By doing this, you can ensure you receive all the capabilities you want at a price that fits your budget and a simple user interface that makes downloading and storing digital files simple and enjoyable.

Overviews of Similar and Alternatives websites like Pixwox

 Websites that provide comparable services may be found while looking for Pixwox alternatives. It is crucial to compare the various services to aid people in selecting the one that is ideal for them. Here, we’ll provide an overview of a few well-liked Pixwox substitutes.

The first website we’ll take into consideration is Instaviewer. If an Instagram account is private, this platform enables users to swiftly and effortlessly download photographs, videos, and stories without the account holder’s consent. Additionally, it has a straightforward user interface that makes scrolling through the material accessible and pleasurable. However, it can only save up to 30 posts at once and lacks the search-by-username feature included in Pixwox’s free plan.

Another website to check out is Story Saver Pro, which allows users to download any Instagram story with only two clicks on their computer or mobile device. It also enables the export of tales as PDF or video files, making sharing more uncomplicated than ever! There is also a paid membership option available for this service; however, unlike Pixwox in its free form, it cannot access private accounts without the profile owner’s consent. This service does, however, allow unlimited daily downloads and no adverts.

The next app in our review, GramSlide – Downloader for Instagram Stories & Photos & Videos, has a user-friendly interface that makes downloading photographs from Instagram simple and quick. Just type in a username and click “Download”! With GramSlide, multiple photos can be downloaded simultaneously and saved in bulk as ZIP files. Unlike Pixwox’s free plan, it also has no restrictions on saving stories from public profiles, but unfortunately, it cannot access private accounts without permission.

Story Reposter: Downloader For Instagram Stories is the last website we’ll look at today. It lets users instantaneously download any story they want from public accounts on their mobile devices and PCs (as long as they have access). Although this service doesn’t permit storing numerous posts at once or private postings without the account owners’ consent, what makes it unique is its integrated screen recorder capability, which enables users to easily record video calls from within their phone screens! In conclusion, Story Reposter may be preferable to other options like Pixwox if speed and convenience are your top priorities.

Reviews of Similar and Alternatives websites in 2023

 More and more options for downloading Instagram material are becoming accessible as the digital world develops. To assist customers in determining which website is ideal for them, we compared the best-liked alternatives in 2023 to in this study. While you can download Tales fast using Story Saver Pro, it may have some of the necessary capabilities if you want more control over your downloads. Interviewer provides a free utility with an easy-to-use interface. GramSlide offers mass downloads as ZIP files and Story Reposter includes an integrated screen recorder capability that is perfect for downloading private profile content without the account owners’ consent. Each platform has its benefits and drawbacks, so carefully weighing each before deciding might save time and effort while ensuring that your investment is beneficial.

How to Access and Save Instagram Stories Using Pixwox

 This portion of the article will overview Pixwox’s functionality for accessing and storing Instagram stories. It is intended to make it simple for users to access and store Instagram stories.


Users need the first login after creating a free Pixwox account. Once signed in, individuals may utilize the stories search feature to look for the material they wish to save by username or hashtag. Additionally, the website offers a list of suggested stories for visitors to follow. Users need to click the “Save” button to add a tale to their library after finding one they wish to preserve.

Pixwox also offers a “Bookmark” option that enables users to quickly retrieve their favorite articles without having to do another search, adding to the ease. In addition, it offers comprehensive metrics on each piece, including views, likes, comments, shares, and others, allowing users to monitor their development over time.

Additionally, Pixwox provides some cutting-edge technologies that make preserving Instagram stories simpler and more effective. Users may queue up numerous articles at once for speedier downloading using the “Batch Download” option, and if they want, it will store them straight to the user’s device or cloud storage account. Users may also set up notifications for when new posts are made to ensure they get all the fantastic information from their favorite funds. Finally, Pixwox allows users to change the style and theme of their profile page, which is ideal for anybody wishing to add a little extra personality while showcasing stored material.

Overall, Pixwox is a user-friendly platform that makes viewing and saving Instagram stories simple. This website is sure to become a go-to resource for anybody searching for an effective method to preserve excellent material from Instagram, thanks to its user-friendly layout, a wide variety of features, and sophisticated customization choices.


 A review of Pixwox’s benefits and drawbacks, as well as any security issues, is given in this portion of the page.

Pixwox’s simplicity of use is one of its benefits. The sign-up procedure is simple; users may look for articles quickly by username or hashtag. Users may save Instagram stories straight to their library with only two clicks. In addition, Pixwox provides sophisticated features like notifications for new postings and profile page customization tools. Additionally, it is free to use and offers limitless downloads of photographs and movies without any watermarks or commercials.

There are a few possible drawbacks connected to Pixwox, however. The first restriction may be for specific users who wish to view live-streaming video and audio files from Instagram since it does not allow these files. Second, although it is permitted to save private postings without the account holder’s consent, it can only download large quantities of photographs if the owner has made them publicly available. Finally, compared to other image storage services, some users may need help with its UI.

There are no specific security issues with Pixwox. Still, users must make sure they are abiding by all applicable copyright rules when downloading material from Instagram accounts that they do not own. Additionally, downloading material from a private profile without the account holder’s consent might be seen as a breach of trust; as a result, users should take care in these circumstances and, if required, seek permission before downloading.

Pixwox provides greater convenience when searching for stories by username or hashtag than other image hosting services like Instaviewer or Story Saver Pro, as well as better customization options like making your own profile page more unique with bookmarks and batch download functions, among other features like alerts for new posts, making it a more effective way to save excellent content from Instagram. Additionally, it is free, so there is no need for payment. However, these services have certain restrictions, such as the inability of Instaviewer to access private profiles without authorization or the absence of an alert feature in GramSlide. Select the one that best suits your requirements. Finally, the following are responses to several Pixwox-related commonly asked questions:

Is it safe to use? 


Yes, Pixwox is a safe and secure platform. However, it would be best to always keep copyright laws in mind when downloading content from other accounts. Also, if saving content from private funds, remember you must get permission before proceeding.

How much does it cost? 


It’s free! You don’t need to pay anything but still get all the benefits of this platform, like unlimited downloads, no ads nor watermarks on photos or videos, etc.

Do I need an account? 


Yes, you will need to create an account first to start downloading stories from Instagram with Pixwox

Do you want to save and store your favorite Instagram photos, videos, and stories?


Do you want to save and store your favorite Instagram photos, videos, and stories? is a great website that allows users to do just that! In this article, we will look at the benefits of using Pixwox, review similar and alternative websites like Pixwox in 2023, and provide instructions on how to use the website. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about the website. So let’s dive into all things Pixwox!

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